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Single virtual assessment includes:
computer generated reports, candidate and organisation feedback plus development plan where appropriate.

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About us

We work with a broad range of clients like global corporations, public and private sectors, third sector, multi-site brand networks and individuals. We provide accurate and unbiased assessment and development which can be used for many purposes.

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Our assessments provide direction in recruitment, development and coaching or career management. Whether you are an individual in need of career management support or a global corporation needing multiple assessments, our assessments give quality and value.

We assess people virtually using the latest online assessments and provide feedback and coaching via video conferencing. This increases flexibility and decreases the environmental impact and cost.

Virtual assessments are Covid secure. Assessments are completed online and feedback is achieved using video conferencing. This works well to reduce travelling costs and time for multi-site and global clients and increases flexibility for all of our clients. Virtual assessment will help you to reduce the impact on the environment.

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We also design and deliver bespoke training and development, OD interventions, leadership development and research.

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