Why virtual assessments are not just for Covid.

The Covid 19 pandemic has hastened a trend that began at the beginning of the century and has made steady but slow progress since…that is, until now.

The need for social distancing has made organisations of all kinds, think about how they can do things differently. Online shopping has doubled throughout 2020, team meetings are more likely to be on zoom than face to face, and even Joe Wicks has put PE lessons firmly in the virtual space.

Joe Wicks video, if you are keen to have a go

As we become more used to working virtually using virtual assessments is a premium option with a low cost. Imagine you are a multi-site business with a manager in each of your branches. Assessing for development, promotion or when recruiting new staff members is much easier if this can be carried out virtually. Assessments are be carried out online, feedback and coaching is be arranged virtually, and commissioning managers are briefed wherever they are based.

Assessments can include:

  • Verbal, numerical and logical reasoning
  • Personality assessments
  • Interview – Biographic or competency based
  • Role plays
  • Online in-tray (high-level organising exercise)
  • 360 degree feedback

Or any combination, and can be designed to provide sifting of candidates during selection. The assessments are completed online before the assessment day. This means we make the best of the time available to really get to understand the candidate and provide you with the best of feedback. For development, we will support the individual in writing a development plan they can share with their manager. Usually, our in-depth discussion with the commissioning manager plus the computer generated reports gives sufficient detail. However, where specific needs exist, we can produce bespoke reports to support the assessment, at additional cost.

Need 100 candidates assessed at once. No problem. We have the capacity to complete assessments in large numbers even candidates spread all over the world present no problems. The assessments we use can be tailored to most languages and our assessors are spread throughout the globe, giving local knowledge with an international vision.

Some of the best reasons to use virtual assessments include:

  • Flexibility – most assessments can be completed when the candidate wants to and because the assessment day is virtual there is more flexibility to arrange that.
  • Environmental impact – no travelling is required for assessments, no overnight stays, no international flights.
  • Low cost: High value – we spend our time getting to know your candidate in great detail rather than travelling, watching your candidate complete tests and writing bespoke reports.

At the moment we have a special offer of £750 + VAT. This includes all the assessments, virtual interview and feedback for your candidate, feedback to your commissioning manager and computer generated reports.

Contact us for more details.

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